On this day !

We.! The reason behind the drops! Yesterday it was her blood, And today its ours, through eyes!

Her songs wont play hereafter!

Addiction was our story!

My school canteen didn’t made me chai ! instead drugs !!

Regretting that I escaped from the death rope !!coz I’m an underage bastard!

Those hang ropes remembers me the tie we made in her hands!!

She screamed ….we smiled!

She wanted oxygen but we were breathing like heaven,

leaving her frozen we walked away !

Way she scrubbed her blood from floor shouting with squeezing voice,

Like a bird that never being tied..
Now with in a walls..
Where her squeak never reach the sky..

We left her die on road side like the wasted treat foods!

You call her a whore! , but we who stamped her inner core.

Even death had waited, for her eye to open, but her twinkles closed already when she dried out uncovered!

she named ‘Nirbhaya’ for her act on that cold December week!

Richie Mehta portrayed to say the story through netflix! but we are the original!

I came out, after a three year term! I am still alive!

That 10pm travel from Munirka to SouthDelhi , just to get a small piece of her, which turned the nation towards us … is now at the end after 7 years!

And so no knees are praying for us now!

Hey you girl ! if you can hear, Don’t come back, nothing has changed!

better be safe !

You are in the dais which shouts “Don’t get raped” , instead of “Don’t rape”

Celebrate the expiration!

It’s time to sleep !!

This is a story of two hearts

One writes ,

I didn’t know that I could give birth again,

I traveled about 200 km by air

To love the unseen.

I thank my family who let me to run for you,

They signed for me,

I came from the other part to wake you up

reaching you to settle inside the cages,

I knew you were unoccupied in a deep sleep,

but I was so safe, doctors carried me in a blue icebox !

The Ones at homes were praying for both

Glad that we reached the centre

I wholeheartedly give you my heart !

you’re going to enjoy the quarantine with my heart

okay, it’s my time to sleep !!

40 minutes for life isn’t a joke !



Amazon . You . Me

‘You have successfully signed up for Amazon Women Program test’,said the Desktop:

I was given a piece of white sheet for rough work and this is how I turned it!

I saw you for the first time on that day , behind my monitor named ‘ET04’, Between the iron rods, Behind the flashing sunshade twisting and turning, Okay ! now where is your head and tail ?

I saw you again and again to gather words But I was stunned seeing your structure!

Test started : And those metal heads around started typing hard with blinkers attached !

It’s okay that you are immobile but please give me company throughout this time.

Huff ! 29m 28s more to end my test

My Stretching hands, rolling eyes, running mind, blabbering heart altogether making fun of me!

But you , dancing for the artificial AC breeze medley like it’s adding a beat to your rap

Holding onto the black glassy windows without any grip, yes you were like ‘NEVER GIVE UP’

I already gave everything up (in my story ) !


I named you ‘ AMAZEDER ‘ for a reason

Again it’s 10 minutes to move out!

I was restricted to take my mobile inside , So I couldn’t capture you digitally but then, now I am trying to read you in my mind !

You were like ‘touch-me-not’ and dust among you beautified more !

From 37 ° you were like a ledge containing thin collection of legs!

Suddenly , One strong voice sounded, “How many of you solved more than two programs?”

Meanwhile, me smiling at you!

You was the perfect synonym for ‘PERFECT’ , I write

Voice again : “Those who completed can leave the lab” !

Its time to leave the lab dear !

I left you unread!

okay we will connect through web !


And that’s how my first placement drive went !

What if February has a 31st!?

Being a misfit , I talk over here!!

Your first smile was a festival.

Being an over-enthusiast, I narrated everything to my closed chambers, which then lead to shouting my name when you head towards the left of my window shades, and it was the sign that you were chosen for my post of crush!

Ohhh crush cupid, you just hit me alone!

I am a straight forward stupid, that’s how I wasted one complete semester, without the knowledge that you were in upstairs.

Somewhere between my ‘yes’ or ‘no’ thoughts, I know you don’t care and that’s so funny!

Oh bearded boy ! you were not so tall and fair, but my crush eligibility list doesn’t talk about physical handsomeness.!

And so you were you !

I thought it could be easy for me to delete feelings , not after the deleted message popped up the next night ….! I thought I could walk away not after that I knew that my ‘ place ‘ was beside you and placement was with you ..!

In the group of ladkees who had crush on Vicky kaushal and Vijay devarakonda , you were my opposite class hunk.

Your IG id gave a hope you are not into sad songs, means you were singular , But I am being unapologetically myself !

Worth it or not , I knew when you showed me that I could work with words !

When I meet myself with those hopeless moments , I ask, “Oh deivame, Have you blessed me today or what??”

Well ! Until I saw you on your birthday , I never knew a single boy who has to have his collars high ! Could go down , infront of a junior girl who gives a distant hand shake..!!

Okay ! tell me , ‘ what’s more beautiful than a criss-cross walk against you ? ‘

And what’s more perfect than a written poem which I read within a minute between 10.45-11.00 every time you come out of your class!

It’s beautiful when I look at the poem !

It’s even more beautiful when I start reading them , In your eyes !

If February has a 31st , this story would have been yours !!